I've been staying up late, keen on flipping through memories
like stacks of old letters from a war bride's game,
but I'm four years too late so I won't bother knocking,
and anyway, you moved.

I've been thinking about what living is; you take what you get, win or lose.
And that's so much like forgiveness; I can't change you.
But there's so much at stake, the regret of a lifetime.
Is this what I choose?

Cause at the start of this warm October
you come blowing through like a late winter wind.
And you've got a new friend, you've got a new lover.
That's what the autumn does to you;
it's out with the old, in with the new.

This must be some kind of sordid fairy tale;
I'm left with both of my shoes,
and I'm safe at home and no one's come running to see where I've gone off to.
And it's well past the stroke of midnight and there's no sign of you.


I thought next time would be different, I thought you might follow through.
I thought of calling, of writing, of mailing my heart
over 800 miles to you.
You always wanted your very own song, I guess this'll have to do.
I saved one more autumn for you.

There are plenty of stars, millions out tonight.
I'll just reach up, grab a handful, and wish with all of my might.
And I'll go to sleep alone and lonely.
Isn't it strange how things change?


Music and Lyrics Carrie Cheron

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