When the sun goes down and lifts the heart of Indiana
just a dozen miles east of the Illinois border,
where the fire's dying slowly,
and the ends are just beginning to show

Telling stories we remember, love in that small town,
and we never saw it coming or we might’ve slowed down.
Take it back and I might tumble,
knowing everything that I know now.

You’ll never know the road to choose,
You’ll never know just why,
but when the light goes out
you learn to say goodbye.

Within a world where all was glitter and music
we never let it go empty but it was always undone.
From the moment we started you were on the run.

And now a prayer is answered by a message that fails;
A plane gone, a letter caught under its tails,
and the moon rising up to the wing and she just stares.


And when there’s nothing left worth saving
hold on tight to your heart.
Say goodnight, sing a lullaby, make a new start.

Now the days grow shorter, summer’s leaving the stage;
A chilling reminder of the settling of age,
and some things I might have told you
if they’d ever gotten off the page.


Music and Lyrics © Carrie Cheron

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