How I Loved

Here we go, here we go and then
we're nothing but sinking
in a sweet yet distant love –
I'm in a sea of you.

Here we go, here we go again,
I know, yet I'm still loving
your mouth, the way it holds me,
my breath in you.
Here we go…

How I loved, how I loved like fire,
how I burned to the sky for you;
rooted deep and rising plenty
like I'd never seen rain.

How I loved, how I loved and fervent
were my silent cries for you,
But you'll never know
every word left unspoken,
every song was for you.
How I loved…

What a night, what a night for music.
Must the day cover up the stars?
Whether wistful or really loving,
I'll wonder where you are.

What a night, what a night of singing,
how I fumbled with my heart,
but who could feed
from a soul of such drifting
and a never-ending dark?
What a night…

And as you lay in the arms of another,
I know you're gone from me.

Come the dawn, come the day I’m leaving
and I always leave alone;
not a risk, no taking chances in my world of stone.

I will leave and I'll leave forever,
but I'll always call you "home."
What I give now is all that's left over;
I'm no longer my own.
But how I loved…

Music and Lyrics © Carrie Cheron

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