Simple, Silent Town

What's the use in going on about it?
I've seen more light in the dark.
What's become of the days here since I've gone?

What's this weight that settles in around it?
The stops pull at all the starts.
All the day does is burn holes in my heart.

Stars in your eyes but half of the time
it's raining in Indiana.
Thunder and all, like diamonds it falls all night and day.

How've you been since last I departed?
I recall my warring days.
I can see now that so much has changed.

Some days are longer than others,
some days I can't complain.
But here I thought you'd always stay the same.


So twinkle, twinkle little star, help me light this sky on fire.
Light it up and twinkle down on this simple, silent town.

I've got reasons to keep myself guarded.
You just breathe and I open wide.
I just might like to stay here for a while.

'Cause stars in your eyes and half of the time...

Music and Lyrics Carrie Cheron

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