A Rainy Night

A rainy night and all that's past,
another night of lasts and lasts.
They say that fortune's what you have and hold.

But I guess the moon's out sick tonight,
she's tucked away from the blinding light.
If only these were nights that I could fly.

I would shatter like lightning, I would shake the ground.
I would hold out my arms and spin round and round.
I would take it all back, I'd have never begun at all.
But on a rainy night, there's nothing to do but fall.

So I'll say my prayers and drift to sleep,
and dream of things not mine to keep,
and hear the sound of all I've thrown away.

But I'll raise a glass to what's still here.
Some mysteries in dreams are clear.
Some things are better left to wondering why.

Still I'd shatter like lightning...

Music and Lyrics Carrie Cheron

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