A Little Bit Wild

I've been running in circles, in circles.
I've been fashioning stories out of lines.
I'm building castles, and families, and fiction for my life.
But I never stray, I never stray outside.

But maybe it's ok to be a little bit crazy.
Maybe it's ok to be a little bit wild sometimes.
I hope it's not too reckless to light up the town tonight,
'cause I feel like going out of my mind for a while.

Always busy rehearsing the worst thing.
Always holding up curtains to the light
against distractions, and fault lines, and friction from real life,
so I always stay, I always stay inside.


And sometimes I'm lost, sometimes they stay,
sometimes I half-expect to fall down bleeding.
I wish not to be false, not to be numb,
I'm finally breathing...

And maybe it's ok to be a little bit crazy...

Music and Lyrics Carrie Cheron

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