There Will Be Love

For Grace

Every evening while you sleep, the moon a steadfast guard,
above your head, upon your feet, on every heavy heart,
showers down her pearly glow on every resting soul below.

There will be thunder,
there will be nights so long you could drown.
You'll be a whisper over trumpets and torrents of sound.
But there will be love and love and even if you should find none,
look towards the sun, look towards the sun,
there will be love.

Soft the breeze on silent nights, sifting through the trees.
The stars above like strings of lights, fairies on the leaves
bless your sleep and scent the air,
a lavender and jasmine prayer.


Everybody leans a little; most people don't know how much they can take.
There's so much to be said for the middle, where the heart aches.

And in the morning when you wake to newly watered green,
you'll feel the warmth upon your face, a sun you've never seen,
lighting all the world aglow with grace to walk and love to grow.

Music and Lyrics Carrie Cheron

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