So long, Alice

So long, so long, Alice, I've just got to go.
So long, Alice, smile on,
the long road calls me home.

You've grown too big for your britches,
you've grown too big for me and you.
All you hoped, you drank from a trinket;
one big gulp to sink the moon.

And you'd always had a thing for magic,
your head up in the clouds.
But too big a bite of that mushroom
and the garden all turned brown.


And over and under the door and the stairs.
Smoking and seeing a smile in mid-air.
Anything less just wouldn't seem fair
when it's the journey you're in it for.

And when you dance for the Queen at parties,
may you stop and think of me -
how I'd sing for a table of strangers
like you'd sing of being free.


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