My tis of thee

So big and strong is my country,
home of the brave, home of the free,
with open doors and liberty,
this is my home, my tis of thee.

I'd like to see the sun rise up
on amber waves and all that stuff,
when every child of every race
will feel that sun upon his face.

And I'd like to know that everywhere I go
a smile awaits me with a warm hello
and I'd like to share this home of mine
with everyone I meet and everyone I find.

And I'd like to free this land, my home
for I'm ashamed of what we've become
where young men war and grown men lie
and pay a heavy price with a young man's life.

So I'd like to teach those left behind
to change the world and speak their mind,
to not be scared to raise their voice,
to guard our freedom, guard our choice.

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