Sorry for yourself

I am sorry you're an angry girl with nothing nice to say,
with an empty heart of hollowed steel that's sealed by walls of clay.

And I'm sorry you're a sad girl, that your bitter got your best.
I can see how you'd be so cold when consumed by emptiness.

But I'm done with eggshell walking and the venom you spit out.
But there's nothing like resentment when you're masking doubt.
And so I'm sorry you feel sorry for yourself.

I am sorry you're a lonely girl, that your days and nights are long,
that you spend your time just making fun of those who don't belong.

And I'm sorry you're a vicious girl, that your mean comes seeping through.
And while you laugh and poke at my expense, no one is loving you.


And when the angry girl goes walking
there's an angry cloud up high.
Hear her armor clanging as she races by,
and feel a chill that makes you cry, makes you cry.


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