November 2005

Well hello there!
How are you all doing? Isn't it beautiful outside? I can't believe it's November already!

My performing is going to be a bit erratic for a while but I wanted to let you know what I'm working on now, and get in my November hellos!

Shows this month
This month, my performing schedule has been usurped by my alter (altar?) ego. There are only 2 shows this month and both are with the fabulous early music ensemble, Vox Consort.

I'm really excited about the performances this week and would love to share this aspect of my performing with you. Do note that these are "classical" performances, not folk/pop/rock, etc. The music is beautiful and the show is exciting and thought provoking, I just didn't want anyone to be confused when the music began. You'll get to hear me sing really high and really loudly too - added bonus?

The performances, called Filthy/Rich, are part of a collaboration between Vox and Spare Change News, a "homeless newspaper" in Boston. Hopefully, our performances and the press surrounding the collaboration will again raise awareness of the homeless situation in our community. It is truly dire, especially with the winter about to set in. I believe there will be a post-performance discussion with one of the founders of the paper, if you're interested in a more in-depth look at the situation Spare Change is hoping to eradicate.

And now for the info:

**Remember, all performances are with Vox Consort**

Thursday, November 17, 7:30pm
Arlington Street Church
351 Boylston Street
Boston, MA (Arlington T Stop)
Tickets: $16-$37

Friday, November 18, 8pm
1st Church in Cambridge, Congregational
11 Garden Street
Cambridge MA (Harvard T Stop)
Tickets $16-$37

News about the Record
Once this month's performances have been completed, we'll be able to move ahead steadily with the record. Several wonderful musicians have already agreed to help out with the project and I can't wait to tell you about each of them, once our schedules and the lineup are more solid. We expect to begin the actual recording in December, so there may not be much performing for the next "while." I may venture below ground, though, to do some practicing and word-spreading, so keep your ears open. I'm so thrilled to be working with my producer, Gar Ragland! You should check out his website and learn about his other projects: Riparius Records.

And what's on the record? A bunch of your old faves will be on there, as will many of the new songs. The problem, if you can believe it (which I can't), is having to cut songs because there's so much to choose from!

The Website!
Have you checked it out yet? Isn't it purty? Mr. ClosetHipster created such a beautiful new home for me and I hope you love it as much as I do. As always, please feel free to visit my pages on SonicBids and MySpace.

Rent Me!
Remember, I'm always interested in being rented. House concerts are so much fun and I'd love to perform in your living room! Interested in having some friends over for a private concert? Email me and I'll tell you how you can do just that!

Thank you, as always, for your constant support.
I hope to see you all soon!

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