November Newsletter

Bright and brisk, that lovely fall...

It's so beautiful outside!
Don't you wish it could stay like this all year 'round? I suppose autumn wouldn't seem anywhere near as lovely if it were autumn all the time, but still. Lots of blankets, warm sweaters, the smell of musty leaves? Yes, please!

But alas, the winter is calling us...well, except for that day last week when it was 70 degrees...but I digress.

Welcome, to all the new readers out there! I'm so glad you've signed up to learn about my whereabouts and happenings. I hope to see you again soon at a show! You should be seeing me around the subways from now on. I figure, if they're going to charge me more to get in, I'm going to get my money's worth and stay a while. Plus, wouldn't you rather listen to me than listen to their recorded announcements about why the service is delayed? :)

One More Autumn
You can buy the cd online!
CDBaby is the place to be. They're awesome, super-friendly, ridiculously funny, and lightning-fast! Please visit my page:
If you'd like to order a cd through me directly, simply email me via the contact page.
Apparently, I'm also on ITunes! I don't have an Ipod or anything fancy and technology-forward like that, but rumor has it, I'm on there. It would be FANTASTIC if you'd write a review of the cd on CDBaby or ITunes.

Rent Me
House concerts are so much fun. Want to host a small show in the comfort of your own home? Email me and I'll tell you how you can do just that!

Or email me and find out how you can get your very own song. Do you want a song for your occasion, your boyfriend, your wedding, your child, etc? Well, let's talk!

And since I've been asked this a lot recently, I should probably mention that I DO sing weddings - classical music, folk, varying world music, etc. I can even help you choose the music, if you'd like.

Don't forget to visit my pages on SonicBids, MySpace, and CDBaby!
You can hear snippets of every song from the new record on the CDBaby site!
Additionally, I often post my new songs to my MySpace page. If you're itching to hear new material, you're likely to find it there. In fact, there's a new song up there right now!

Thanks for reading, listening, and supporting my music!
Enjoy the last bits of this most wonderful season,

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