September 2008

September Newsletter

Really? Already? No. Really?
I have to admit, I've never been the biggest fan of the summer. You know how I adore autumn. But I am so sad that it's September 3rd and not July 3rd! How did that happen?!

Some firsts for me this summer:
-became an aunt
-grew my own vegetables
-got a black eye
-got hives
-ran 9 1/2 miles
-got bangs (not a technical first, but a first in a while)
-went kayaking outside of summer camp
-wrote multiple happy/positive songs in one season (!!!)

I'm sure there were more "firsts," but we can cap the list there. Save some excitement for next month's firsts. However, I will offer you some words of wisdom from my summer experiences. Be aware that it's possible that the vegetables you buy to grow in your garden may be mislabeled at the farm/market and what is supposed to be a bell pepper may not, in fact, be a bell pepper, and may make your entire head explode in flames. I'm just saying.

Things have been moving along nicely around these parts, musically. Been doing some writing, some co-writing with the lovely Kellie Lin Knott, some booking, some singing, some wedding- and party-playing, etc.

I've gotten several requests for and comments about a new cd. Are you interested? If this is something you'd be interested in, definitely let your voice be heard. I can't do it alone! Got any ideas or interest in this? Interested in making a general contribution? This is still in the very early planning stages, but I've got a lot of new material that needs to get recorded and I need your help!

Kellie and I are also training for our very first half-marathon, the Boston Athletic Association Half Marathon in October. Training is going well, and we decided to blog about it! Our blogging, I must admit, is a bit ... lazy. But you can find it here, if you're interested in reading about running. Kellie is raising money for Dana Farber, so please consider making a contribution through the header at the top of the blog.

I'd love to see you this month! Please come say hi! Perhaps this Friday? ;)

Shows this month

Friday, September 5, 7:30 pm
Oasis Coffeehouse
First Presbyterian Church in Waltham
34 Alder Street
Waltham, MA
This is a last-minute booking! Please come and hang out with me in this intimate venue.
Clara Kebabian opens!
Admission: $12/$10 for students & seniors

Monday, September 8, 8:00 pm
The Center for Arts in Natick (TCAN)
14 Summer Street
Natick, MA
Open mic feature. Open mic starts at 8. I play around 9. Admission: $5

Wednesday, September 24, 7:30 pm
Emack & Bolio's
2 Belgrade Ave.
Roslindale, MA
Open mic feature. Come to hear me, pick up some ice cream!

Remember to check my website for the most up-to-date information on upcoming shows.

Rent Me
House concerts ... they are so much fun! You too can host a show in the comfort of your own home. Email me and I'll tell you how you can do just that!

Do you want your very own song? I'm just itching to write a song for your occasion, your boyfriend, your wedding, your child, etc. Let's talk!

Don't forget to visit my pages on SonicBids, MySpace, and CDBaby!
I often post my new songs to MySpace. If you're itching to hear new material, you're likely to find it there. In fact, there's new material up there right now!

The cd, the cd!
One More Autumn
You can buy the cd online!
CDBaby is the place to be. They're super-friendly, ridiculously funny, and lightning-fast!
Also, I'm on ITunes! You can download the whole cd or your favorite songs!
While you're there, and at CDBaby, please write a review of the cd. This definitely helps encourage new listeners to pick up the cd.

Soak up some final rays 'cause leaf jumping begins soon and will take up all your time,

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